Welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself, I am an experienced web developer by profession. My expertise is in web applications development, APIs, PHP frameworks and WordPress in general. I also have a very keen eye on latest technologies. I have worked for many well-established companies in the U.K. ??

I have started this blog to share my knowledge to the world.  I will keep my approach very simple, So my readers can enjoy my blogs even if they are not from an IT background. Having said that i would love to listen from your thoughts and opinions.

The topics covered here will be in PHP, MySQL, Linux, Unit testing, Agile project management, Git and various other technologies. I will also share reviews of products and useful resources.

All the opinions and methods I will share here, readers don’t ?‍? have to agree on. They can also jump in discussion and enlighten with their thoughts.

Thank you very much for reading.